bought a home in sussex, nj in october 2016

We met Dori Morgan at the first open house we went to, spur of the moment, on the way to our anniversary dinner. She was so sweet but that house was not for us and we weren't even sure we were ready to move. She came over the next weekend with a very professional book about our home we wanted tosell. Her price range was exactly what we had in mind. She helped rearrange our house and took beautiful pictures. On Monday we listed it and we accepted an offer with in a day or two. At that point we had to really move fast to find a house to buy. Dori showed us every house on the market in our town, in our range. Every night we went out with Dori she was so sweet to our kids they looked forward to seeing her, even though they were usually tired and hungry. We were almost ready to give up and spend a year homeless building our dream house when she showed us my husbands "dream home". We passed this house every day and thought it was out of our range, but Dori knew it had been on the market almost a year and that they might work with us on price. She told us to write a letter explaining our offer and it worked... they accepted. Her advice and that letter laid the foundation for a really smooth and productive relationship with the sellers. Six weeks after we accepted the offer to sell our house our offer to buy our new home was accepted. Dori was a magician with the paper work and lawyers and the bank pulled through and we closed with the exact same timing in the first contract. She found out that our closing was happening at 10 AM and was there for the 2 PM closing with no problem and a purse full of Halloween candy! We would recommend her in a heartbeat!